1 oz Credit Suisse

1oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar

Canam Bullion brings the Credit Susisse Gold bars from the Swiss bank, Credit Suisse Group, a prevalent and sought-after investment choice of investors worldwide. Acquiring these gold bars as an asset is a deal of pride, as they come from a company that has aged more than 150 years. Credit Suisse was the pioneer in making gold bars for private sector employees who wished to invest. They made smaller sizes that are easier on the wallet. 

The 1 oz Gold Bar from Credit Suisse is a top choice for investors because it is an economical investment option with a high ROI. Their value goes up as the price of gold rises. These bars are extra special because they have the Credit Suisse logo, a good reputation, and a unique serial number on each one. This makes them valuable in the precious metal market.

About Credit Suisse Gold Bar Legacy

The Credit Suisse Group is a prime Swiss company in banking that started way back in 1856. It’s not just a powerful international bank, but it also mints precious metals. Its main office is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Every Credit Suisse Gold Bar has its unique number and is backed by the Bank of Switzerland. 

Credit Suisse started off by helping build Switzerland’s railway system as a public project. Over the years, it evolved from the “Swiss Credit Institution” and played a crucial role in Switzerland’s growth. The company contributed to the creation and sale of the Swiss Franc, supported Swiss entrepreneurs, and added to the positive image of Swiss banking. 

In 1979, Credit Suisse introduced its first Gold Bars to the global market. Since then, these bars have been continuously made in various sizes, gaining a reputation for being a safe and affordable way to own physical gold. The Valcambi refinery in Switzerland has been making Credit Suisse Gold Bars since 2003, being the exclusive manufacturing partner.

1oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar

The 1 oz gold bar is the prime choice for investors, especially those who have just begun investing. Many people choose these bars because they’re lighter, making them cheaper and easier to handle or store. Even though they weigh less, a 1 oz gold bar is still a substantial way to start investing in gold. Each bar weighs 1 Troy Ounce and has .999 pure gold.  Every 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold bar has the Credit Suisse name, weight, fineness, and a unique serial number on the top and bottom of the bar. You’ll find the Credit Suisse logo repeated on the back of the bar. Each bar is sealed individually in its certicard. The gold bar includes an assay card with important investment details like a unique serial code, metal weight, and purity. This assures you of the product’s authenticity and provides crucial information for your investment.

Characteristics of Credit Suisse Gold Bar

  • Obverse and Reverse Side Design

Crafted in a thin rectangular shape with smooth edges and minimal embellishments, the word “CREDIT SUISSE” enclosed within a rectangular box is proudly engraved at the top, conveying the mint’s trust and credibility in its gold bars. 

Other vital information, including weight as 1 g and the descriptors “FINE GOLD” and “999.9.” along with a distinctive serial number, are featured on the bottom of the bar. A diagonal repetition of the Credit Suisse logo is repeated on the opposite side of the bar with symmetry.

Directly beneath the informational text, in a smaller rectangular box, one finds the French words “ESSAYEUR FONDEUR,” loosely translating to “Melting Tester.” This inscription signifies the official stamp of the refinery responsible for crafting these bars. 

  • Qualified as 24-karat

Credit Suisse Gold Bars, regardless of their weight denomination, come with an assurance of .9999 gold fineness, signifying 99.99% pure gold and qualifying as 24-karat. The significance of purity in determining the value of gold cannot be overstated, and these bars stand as a testament to uncompromising quality. However, it’s essential to handle these bars with care due to the soft nature of pure gold, as improper storage or mishandling can lead to damage.

  • Assay Certification

Beyond their impressive physical appearance, Credit Suisse gold bars have security features that enhance their desirability as a precious metal investment. Each bar is sealed in plastic with an assay card, providing a tangible assurance of the bar’s authenticity. Including a serial number on the bar and the accompanying assay card further fortifies its security, assuring buyers of the bar’s origin and quality.

  • Solid Long-term Investment Choice

With a global recognition for easy liquidity, Credit Suisse gold bars offer a reliable option for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios. The 1 oz size, in particular, is a popular choice due to its affordability and essay to carry, making it accessible to a wide range of investors while still representing a significant initial investment in gold.


  • Tamper-Evident Packaging

Each 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar is meticulously packaged in tamper-evident material, adding an extra layer of security for buyers. This packaging ensures that the bar remains untouched and unaltered until it reaches the hands of the investor. Including an assay card further facilitates quick verification of essential details such as weight, purity, and the unique serial number.

  • Precious Metals IRAs Eligibility

Recognizing the exceptional composition and quality of Credit Suisse gold bars, they are eligible for use in Precious Metals IRAs. All this means that investors can incorporate these bars into their retirement portfolios, providing a tangible and enduring asset to safeguard against economic uncertainties.

Purchasing Credit Suisse Gold Bars from CanAm Bullion

When you choose to acquire “Credit Suisse Gold Bars” through CanAm Bullion, we provide various payment options for your convenience, including credit card, Interac e-transfer, PayPal, wire transfer, cheque, drafts, and money orders. All these payment methods are gladly accepted when purchasing gold bars from our extensive online catalogue. 

The processing time for credit card and wire transfers is just one business day, while PayPal transactions may take approximately two business days. Opting for these options ensures the quickest release of your purchase to our fulfillment queue compared to payments made via cheque, drafts, and money orders. 

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