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Exceptional Bars to Enhance Your Investment Portfolio

A popular choice for investors, the 1 oz Credit Suisse gold bar is manufactured by Swiss bank, Credit Suisse Group.

Credit Suisse was the first bank to produce gold bullion aimed at private investors, offering lower denominations that are more affordable. The 1 oz Gold Bar from Credit Suisse is one of the most popular investments because it can be quickly resold.

Credit Suisse gold bars are ideal for people who want to invest, and the value increases with the value of gold itself. The Credit Suisse logo and prestige reputation, along with the unique serial number on each bar, means these assets are some of the most valuable on the precious metal market.

About The Credit Suisse Group

The Credit Suisse Group was first established in the mid-1800s, commencing operations as a financial asset company. The company’s original purpose was to finance the Swiss railway network that would eventually link Switzerland to its European neighbours. The company also played a role in the development of the Swiss franc.

It was in the mid-1900s that the group became a major trading house for gold and branched into the manufacture of precious metals. In 1979, Credit Suisse Gold Bars were introduced to the markets of the world for the very first time.

Today, the Group is based in Zurich and has offices in all the world’s major financial centres. It is one of the nine global “Bulge Bracket” banks, providing investment banking, private banking, asset management, and shared services.

Valcambi S.A., one of Switzerland’s most well-known precious metals refineries, is responsible for the production of the gold bars, each of which is backed by the Bank of Switzerland.

Features of the 1 Oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar

One of the reasons Credit Suisse bars are so popular is for their design. Each bar is shaped into a rectangle and stamped with important details about the bar itself.

At the top of each bar, you’ll see the word Credit Suisse engraved, with the bar’s weight, purity and serial number at the bottom. The opposite side of the bar has the logo repeated, and each bar has an assay card in the individual seal, with a serial number to match the bar.

The gold bars are rated 24 karats, making them the purest gold on the market. The purity of the bars plays a big role in their value, and because pure gold is soft, if they aren’t taken care of properly, these bars can be easily damaged.

These bars offer exceptional security features, solid investment potential, a stable hedge against inflation, and worldwide recognition for easy liquidity.

Credit Suisse also produces bars from silver, platinum and palladium, and the gold bars are available in a range of sizes, from one gram up to one kilogram. If you would like to invest in a 1 oz Credit Suisse gold bar, you can do so via our online store. Or, for further information, get in touch with our team today to discuss.


Mint MarkNot shown
ManufacturerCredit Suisse
Thickness1.86 mm
Inner Pack25
Issuing CountrySwitzerland
Edge DesignSmooth
SeriesCredit Suisse Gold Bar
Metal Weight1 Troy Ounce
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