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Are you looking for a reliable source where you can find a range of silver collections produced by well-known mints in different forms? CanAm Bullion offers a wide range of silver investment options, from coins and bars to rounds and collectible pieces.

Silver has served as both a currency and a reliable store of wealth throughout history. Its continuing value makes it an attractive choice for investors and collectors alike. One of the most compelling aspects of silver is its diversity rather than affordability. This diversity allows investors to tailor their holdings to their preferences and investment goals, whether they seek liquidity, numismatic value, or long-term appreciation.

Let’s briefly explore each silver bullion type, mint, and variation available at our shop!

Availability of Products at CanAm Bullion

Our collection of silver bullion is designed to facilitate investment in silver. Below are the four categories in which we have divided our product range;

1. Silver Bars

Ranging from 1 oz to 1 kilo, these are uniform, stackable silver bullion bars of various weights. They are often cast or minted by government or private refineries and are highly favoured for their ease of storage & liquidity in the market. Below are the different government-owned and private mints whose collections of silver bars are available at our shop. So, quickly have a go-through!








Silvertowne Mint

2. Silver Coins

Often featuring iconic designs or historical significance, these coins are issued by governments and are made from silver. This form of silver bullion is popular among collectors, dealers, and investors due to its numismatic value and legal tender status. Our collection of silver coins has six variations based on different mints:

American Silver Eagle Silver Coin

The American Silver Eagle Coin is one of the most popular and recognizable silver coins worldwide, prized for its purity, weight, and historical significance. It is a silver bullion coin issued by the United States Mint. First released in 1986, it features iconic designs such as the Walking Liberty on the obverse and the heraldic eagle on the reverse.

Canadian Silver Maple Silver Coin

Introduced in 1988, The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is known for its high purity (99.99%) produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Canadian silver coins front and reverse sides showcase a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and a maple leaf design.

African Silver Coins

It is a collection of silver bullion coins, the Krugerrand Silver Coin, produced by the South African Mint & the Rand Refinery, owned by the South African Reserve Bank. This coin features the portrait of Paul Kruger, the fourth president of South Africa, on the obverse and the distinctive springbok antelope on the reverse.

British Silver Coins

These British Silver Coins, such as the Britannia, are produced by the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom.

For instance, the latest 1 oz 2023 Britannia Silver Coin features a design of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and the iconic Britannia character on the other.

Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin

Produced by Australia’s official mint, Perth Mint, this silver coin features the national animal of Australia (Kangaroo) on the reverse, and the obverse side has the effigy of the current head of state (Queen Elizabeth II).

Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin

The Austrian Philharmonic, also known as the Vienna Philharmonic, is a silver bullion coin produced by the Austrian Mint. First issued in 2008, it features the image of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on the obverse and various musical instruments on the reverse.

3. Silver Rounds

Similar to coins in appearance but not considered legal tender, silver rounds are privately minted and generally carry lower premiums than sovereign coins. These often feature intricate designs, making them an attractive option for diversifying a precious metals portfolio. Below are the four products we deal with;

1 oz Bitcoin

It is a physical Bitcoin-backed silver coin which is considered a popular way to invest in both Bitcoin and silver. The coin contains 1 ounce of pure silver and is backed by a Bitcoin transferable value. The coin’s design is similar to the physical Bitcoin, with the Bitcoin logo on one side and the silver weight on the other.

1 oz Trump

These coins are produced by the mint named Silvertowne Mint. The obverse features Donald Trump as he is sworn in as president, and the reverse side has a front-facing close-up of the White House.

1 oz Sunshine Round

The Sunshine Round, also known as the 1 oz Sunshine Round, is a one-troy-ounce coin produced by Sunshine Minting Inc., a leading company in the precious metals industry. This round observation features an intricate design of an eagle soaring into the sun. The reverse side features engravings such as “Sunshine Minting,” “One Troy Ounce,” and “0.999 silver,” denoting the coin’s purity and authenticity.

1 oz Buffalo Silver Round

Produced by one of the oldest private Mints in the United States, Silvertowne Mint, this mint has made high-quality silver bullion products since 1973, including the 1oz Buffalo Silver Rounds. One side of which features the traditional American buffalo, while the other side features Libertas.

4. Rare and Vintage Silver

Our rare and vintage silver category includes antique collectible pieces of silver such as 10 oz .50 Caliber BMG Silver Bullet, minted by Silvertowne Mint with a dimension of 128mm in length and a diameter of 20.5mm.

The 0.50 caliber Browning Machine Gun bullet, on the other hand, has a rich historical significance. It was developed in the late 1910s and adopted by the military in 1921. This machine gun ballet was utilized in various conflicts, including World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. So, in this category, you will only find limited, antique and rich-history items.

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