Silver Rounds

Investing in Silver Rounds in Canada

CanAm Bullion offers authentic Silver rounds, a popular form of investment in the precious metals market. At first glance, they look identical to silver coins; however, they are certainly not the same.  They are flat, egg-shaped silver pieces issued by private mints. If your main objective is to invest, silver rounds are your best option. The value of rounds depends on their precious metal content and purity, making them more affordable. 

Silver Rounds has a long and significant history of wealth preservation and use as money, just like gold! Silver rounds are valued by collectors for their artistic designs and limited mintage, adding an element of rarity and aesthetic appeal to the investment. They are made of .999 or .9999 fine silver and often provide an accessible and tangible form of silver investment due to their relatively smaller denominations compared to other silver forms. Its affordability, easy storage, and liquidity make them an appealing choice for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio with precious metals.

Silver Rounds vs. Silver Coins: Understanding the Differences

Silver Rounds Silver Coins
Minting Minted by private companies Minted by official government commodities
IRA Eligibility They can be used for precious metals IRA based on purity rating They can be used for precious metals IRA based on purity rating
Denomination Don’t hold any currency value Backed by minting government as legal tender
Value These do not have a face value.  They are worth their weight in silver and can have extra value based on  history, rarity, or demand
Guarantee: Backed by the reputation of the dealer Backed by the minting government

Further Differences in the Features

Silver Coins:

Silver coins must meet strict standards. They have the mintage year printed on them. These standards ensure that each minted silver coin fits the specifications for purity, size, and weight. Weight and size can vary (rarely less than 1 oz), but all coins should be minted in accordance with the government’s specified consistent specifications.

Silver Rounds:

Silver rounds are not subject to government approval or strict regulations because private mints produce them. Animals, cartoon characters, national emblems, movie characters, corporate logos, or portraits of leaders or historical figures are all possible designs for silver rounds. When silver rounds resemble historical or circulating coins, they are prominently labelled “Replica.”

CanAm Bullion’s Assortment of Silver Rounds

 1 oz Buffalo Silver Round | Silvertowne Mint

Buffalo silver rounds are minted every year by many private mints in the US. This particular round is manufactured from Sunshine Minting in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. James Earle Fraser James Earle Fraser designed it in 1913 with three Native Americans as models. Buffalo silver rounds have long been a favorite of collectors and are now becoming increasingly popular with silver stackers.

On the front, it highlights a rugged Native American chief, while the majestic buffalo is in the reverse. The word “Liberty” is on the right. This silver round pays tribute to American heritage, combining artistry with investment-grade silver, making it appealing and valuable to collectors and investors. The flip side shows a left-facing American Bison grazing, completing this tribute to the nation’s history and natural beauty.


  • Composition: .999 Fine Silver
  • Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
  • Approx. Dimensions: 39mm Diameter | 2.9mm Thick
  • Mint: SilverTowne Mint

About Silvertowne Mint

SilverTowne, founded in 1949 by Leon Hendrickson, is one of the country’s largest and most regarded dealers of rare coins, modern coinage, and precious metals. Leon and his adored wife, Ruhama, took pride in developing a company founded on honesty and integrity. 

SilverTowne has developed from a small coin shop to two retail departments under one roof, from a cigar box under a lunch counter to a multi-million dollar corporation. In addition to its retail showroom in historic Winchester, Indiana, SilverTowne sells bullion and coins to collectors and investors internationally via its website and catalogs.

  • 1 oz Silver Round | Sunshine Minting

On the coin’s obverse is an incredible, detailed forging of an eagle soaring through the sun. 

You will notice a spot on this coin at first. It appears to be a defect, but only when viewed through a Decoder lens you can see the word “VALID”, indicating that the coin you hold was produced by Sunshine Minting.

The words “Sunshine Minting,” “One Troy Ounce,” and “0.999 silver” appear on the reverse face of the coin, indicating its purity.


  • Mint Mark: SI Mint Mark
  • Purity: .999
  • Manufacturer: Sunshine Minting
  • Thickness: 2.8 mm
  • Diameter: 39 mm
  • Metal Weight: 1 Troy Ounce

About Sunshine Mint

The Sunshine Mint first opened its doors in 1979 in Coeur d’Alene. They have always been renowned for the quality and purity of their product, which had early popularity. After thirty years, the Sunshine Mint established new operations in Las Vegas and Shanghai, China.

These two cities appreciate gold and bullion, making them wonderful marketplaces, and it demonstrates how far the Sunshine Mint has progressed, with its products valued by investors worldwide.

Buy Silver Rounds From CanAm Bullion

When considering silver rounds as an investment, it’s important to choose a reliable and reputable source. CanAm Bullion is excited to offer some of the best fine silver rounds at reasonable prices. Please let us know if you have queries or concerns about buying silver rounds. 

We are dedicated to providing high-quality silver rounds that are a sound investment and a valuable addition to your stack.