1/2 oz Canadian Maple

1/2 OZ CANADIAN MAPLE Leaf Gold Coin

CanAm Bullion, an authorized dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint, is presenting a collection of the worldwide recognized 1/2 oz Canadian maple gold coins. From 1979 to 1982, the first Canadian Gold Maple Leafs were only available in a one-ounce size. Following their popularity and damned, the 1/2 oz Maple Leaf was released in 1982 and instantly became a profitable investment asset since then. Not just Canadian collectors are drawn to this exciting currency; bullion lovers worldwide adore the Canadian Gold Maple due to its exceptional design, purity, and collectable worth.
Our Collection of 1/2 Oz Canadian Maple

Our latest collection of 1/2 Oz Canadian Maple gold coins includes:

1/2 oz 2023 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin | Royal Canadian Mint
1/2 oz 2024 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin | Royal Canadian Mint

Specifications and Design

Gold Purity: The engraving on the coins indicates that both the 1/2 oz 2023 and 1/2 oz 2024 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins are made of pure gold with a purity of .9999.

Obverse Side of the Coins: The front design of the 1/2 oz 2023 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin was created by Susanna Blunt in 2003. This specific portrait is the fourth depiction of Queen Elizabeth II to appear on Canadian coins, and notably, it is the first portrayal of Elizabeth II as Queen without a crown.

For the first time, the image of Majesty King Charles III is engraved on the front of 1/2 oz 2024 Canada’s Gold Maple Leaf.

The new British monarch appears here in left-profile relief, a change from his Late Majesty’s right-profile picture.

Reverse side: The opposite side of both the coins displays a vivid, sparkling maple leaf, Canada’s national emblem and the perfect metaphor for the great North. Light-refracting, micro-radial lines adorn the coin’s field, which also includes the privy mark, metal type and weight, and purity.

Security features

Radial lines: The front and reverse sides of the gold coin feature a lustrous background field with accurate radial lines that keep it safe from counterfeiting. Additionally, these lines scatter at specific angles, producing a shimmering effect that is impossible to counterfeit.

Security Marks: The coin is made extra secure by having the micro leaf carved using laser technology. Without the magnifying lens, it is challenging to identify this characteristic.

Bullion DNA anti-counterfeiting technology: RCM and EDGYN SAS developed BULLION DNATM, a special technology. A proprietary technology called Signoptic® was developed to verify the authenticity of gold maple leaf coins.

At CanAm Bullion, we offer a range of 1/2 oz Canadian maple gold coins to help you solidify your portfolio. You can now purchase these exclusive RCM coins at the most reasonable rates. Additionally, if you spend more than $299, you can get free shipping. You can also speak with our metal experts to further understand your investing possibilities!