Platinum Bars

Platinum Bullion Bars at CanAm Bullion

Platinum is a precious metal popular for its rarity and essential value in both the economic and automotive industries. So, if considering investing, platinum bars are the best way, as they offer a convenient and portable way to own this valuable asset.

At CanAm Bullion, we offer a compelling option for investors seeking diversification and protection against market volatility. Their physical form and intrinsic value provide security in uncertain times.

Count on 1 oz Platinum Bars for Trustworthy Investment

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, marked by digital assets and fluctuating markets that may seem intangible and uncertain, 1 oz platinum bars assert themselves as a secure source of stability and enduring value, offering a professional touch to investment portfolios.

These 1 oz bars, composed of 99.95% pure platinum, are the most popular size. The top reasons why you should choose platinum bars are mentioned below:

1. High Liquidity: Easy Buying and Selling

Small Platinum bars exhibit exceptional liquidity, ensuring seamless transactions in both buying and selling processes.

2. Convenient Storage and Transport

1 oz platinum bars, with their manageable sizes, provide ease in storage and transportation, enhancing their practicality for investors.

3. Premium Considerations for 1 oz Bars

Smaller bars have a higher premium than larger counterparts due to the increased costs of refining and manufacturing smaller units.

Platinum Bar Availability at CanAm Bullion

At CanAm Bullion, we proudly offer a diverse selection of platinum bars from renowned Credit Suisse and Valcambi refiners.

  • 1 oz Platinum Bar | Credit Suisse

A Brief History Note on Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse Group AG is a global investment bank headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 1856, Credit Suisse has established itself as a leading player in the financial world, offering a comprehensive suite of services to individuals, corporations, and institutional investors across the globe.

In 1967, Credit Suisse acquired 80% of the Valcambi Refinery, culminating in full ownership by 1980. This strategic move positioned Credit Suisse as the parent company of Valcambi Refinery, a distinguished precious metal refining facility in Switzerland. Credit Suisse exclusively produces platinum bars at Valcambi, offering a range of weights such as 1 oz, 10 oz, or 1 gram.

Features of the 1 oz Credit Suisse Platinum Bar

  • This bar is rectangular with a gleaming, silvery-white appearance; its edges are sharply defined, and its surface is smooth & reflective.
  • The bar front features the “CREDIT SUISSE” name in a rectangular design box at the top. Below the logo, the 1oz bar’s weight, 99.95 purity, and metal content, i.e., platinum, are meticulously engraved in the center, along with the assayer’s stamp and a unique serial number for identification.
  • A repeating pattern of the Credit Suisse logo can be seen on the reverse side of the 1 oz Credit Suisse Platinum Bar, surrounded by the company name. These logos are arranged at a 45-degree angle, creating a visually appealing and distinctive design.
  • 1 oz Platinum Bar | Valcambi

About Valcambi

Established in Balerna, Switzerland, in 1961, Valcambi Suisse has evolved from its inception as Valori & Cambi through a series of mergers that enhanced its global reputation. A pivotal collaboration with Credit Suisse resulted in a merger, culminating in the present-day name Valcambi Suisse.

Renowned for its cutting-edge processes and top-tier products, Valcambi is the world’s largest gold refiner, annually processing over 2,400 tons of precious metals. While gold has traditionally dominated investments, platinum, often termed “Rich Man’s Gold,” surpasses it in rarity, with South Africa contributing over 80% of the global supply. Valcambi’s Platinum Minted Bar carries the legacy of this exceptional metal, symbolizing rarity and industrial & historical significance.

Features of 1 oz Platinum Bar Valcambi

  • This platinum bar boasts a sleek design with a streamlined shape and a brilliant polish, enhancing its visual appeal. The front showcases the distinctive Valcambi refinery logo—a diamond composed of four scalene triangles—along with the bar’s weight, purity details, and a distinct serial number, including inscriptions such as “1 oz., platinum, and 999.5.”
  • On the reverse side, the words “Valcambi Suisse” and an intricate expanding square pattern add an elegant touch to the bar’s overall presentation.
  • Measuring a sleek 2 mm in thickness, these platinum pieces boast a compact and refined profile. The diameter, spanning 47×26 mm, further accentuates their compact yet substantial presence.
  • While the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) is omitted, the assurance of Valcambi’s reputation as the manufacturer adds a layer of trust to these platinum pieces. The brand’s established credibility and commitment to excellence compensate for the absence of a CoA.
  • The accompanying assay card ensures the security of your purchase, instilling confidence in the metal’s purity and quantity. 

With Valcambi’s stellar reputation, you can be assured that you are acquiring a premium platinum bar from reputable dealers featuring a unique design, exceptional quality, and eye-catching aesthetics.

Platinum Bars Purchase with CanAm Bullion

Above enlisted are all the top platinum bars available at CanAm Bullion. Along with this, we also sell and buy other materials, such as gold and silver products, in the form of coins, bars, and rounds like Royal Canadian Mint coins. In other words, we are your one-stop destination for all bullion buy and sell.

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