KILO Silver Bars

A Stable Investment with 1 Kilo Silver Bars

Grab the chance to stabilize your finances by investing in one of the most stable and profitable metals- Silver. CanAm Bullion presents the 1-kilo silver bar with the greatest purity level of 99.99%. The kilo bar is the perfect fit for people looking forward to investing in substantial assets.

These bars typically have a specific design and unique engraved features that contribute to their authenticity and security. As the silver prices consistently go upwards due to its increasing usage and demand, investing in higher weights will guarantee significant ROI.

The History Of Silver’s Status As A Precious Metal

Silver has long been regarded as a valuable asset for over 4000 years. With its versatility in electronic industry usage, the jewellery and food industries have always kept it in demand. In ancient times, it was used as real money but silver lost its status as a legal tender around the year 1935. After that, industrial usage became one of the notable utilization of silver. However, the metal again became a good asset to invest in when several mints like the Royal Canadian Mint, The Unites States Mint, JBR Recovery Mint and others commenced manufacturing silver bars and coins.

In the years 1979–1980, the silver bars encountered a notable price hike of 724%, surprising the world with its value. The cost jumped from a value of $6 per troy ounce to $49.45 per troy ounce at the beginning of 1980.

This significant rise in a short period made silver one of the greatest choices for investment, among other precious metals. 

Mints started creating silver bars in various weights, including Canadian 10 oz silver bars, 100 oz, 1000 oz, and kilo bars to fulfill different investment demands. Due to silver’s solidity as an investment asset, it keeps your financial status strong in times of uncertain economies like inflation. In many countries like Switzerland and Liechtenstein, people can conveniently purchase silver bars over the counter in banks. 

1 Kilo Silver Bars At Canam Bullion

1 kilo Silver Bar | JBR

The JBR Silver Bar Specifications: 

  • Available in various year denominations (contact to know the availability)
  • Purity level: .999
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Silver weight: 32.15 Troy Ounces
  • Dimensions: 117 mm x 56 mm x 15 mm

The design of the bar consists of the mint’s logo, “JBR RECOVERY LTD,” in a circle on the top. The additional elements include the weight denomination of  “1 kg” and the purity level saying “999”.

The front of the bar is built with a smooth surface, whereas the reverse side is a bit rugged. This silver bar is sold with an individual serial number defining its genuineness. Assuring you CanAm Bullion has tested the bars to ensure their purity level of 99% and weight of 1 kg as described by the mint. 

The JBR Recovery Ltd has manufactured these silver bars using these recycling and refinery techniques, contributing to sustainability. They source and treat the waste materials through moulding and refinery processes to derive the purest form of silver. Their LBMA Good Delivery Certificate and responsible sourcing accreditation assure top-class quality and environment-friendly practices.

Reasons To Consider Kilo Silver Bar For Investment 

Silver bars have gained immense popularity as a profitable investment option, and here is why you must consider it an ROI generation opportunity.

  • Buying larger quantities puts you towards a more profitable deal than the smaller ones like silver coins. As the quantity goes higher, its prices per ounce decline towards being more economical. The price of bars is also lower due to the elimination of detailed designing components of typical coins. Another factor contributing to lowering the price of silver bars is that private mints usually manufacture these bars through a refinery process.
  • The demand for silver constantly grows, especially in industries, due to its versatility, ensuring silver’s persistent price hikes. The higher your investment weight in this precious metal, the more ROI you lock for your future.
  • The silver bars contain certain authenticity designing elements, including the weight & pretty denominations and the mint’s logo. This keeps you away from the counterfeit pieces. Additionally, The 1-kilo bars of silver manufactured by different reputable mints are recognized worldwide and offer easy buying and selling.
  • The silver bars are easy to store in your home or in a storage facility. They can be stacked easily over each other. You can opt for our storage facility to keep your assets secure.

Purchasing 1 Kilo Silver Bars with CanAm Bullion

With CanAm Bullion, you are assured of the most reasonable prices and the greatest quality. You can make the payment using your preferred method from various available options, including Gpay, Visa, Mastercard, and many others.

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