10 OZ Canadian Silver Maple

Invest in RCM 10 OZ Silver Bar at CanAm Bullion

The latest addition to the Royal Canadian Mint’s bullion lineup is the 10 OZ RCM Silver Bar, now available at CanAm Bullion. Each bar Weighs 10 troy ounces and comprises of.9999 fine silver, solidifying its status as among the purest silver bullion options for investors. The 10 oz size is a popular choice for those looking to purchase a significant amount of silver at once.  Let’s understand what exactly mean about RCM Mint’s silver bar.

About Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar

The Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bar was first released as part of the Royal Canadian Mint’s bullion product line. It is stamped with the Mint’s logo, weight, and purity and is renowned for its quality and purity (.9999 fine silver).

Over the years, the Royal Canadian Mint has established itself as a leading producer of bullion products, gaining a reputation for excellence and innovation in the industry. The Mint’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship has made its bullion products, including the 10 oz Silver Bar, highly sought after by investors and collectors worldwide.

Specifications of RCM 10 OZ Silver Bar

  • Weight -10 oz
  • Dimensions (mm)- 51.9 x 90.0 x 4.76
  • Purity- .9999
  • Quality / Type- Bullion, Uncirculated

Features of RCM 10 OZ Silver Bar

Unique RCM Bullion Finish

The RCM 10 OZ Silver Bar is distinguished by its exclusive RCM “Bullion Finish.” This specialized finish contributes to the bar’s unique appearance, making it instantly recognizable and more challenging to replicate. 

Serrated/Reeded Edge

Like the edges found on coins, each bar has serrated or reeded edges. This feature adds a tactile element to the bar and serves as an additional anti-counterfeiting measure. 

.9999 Fine Silver Bar

The exceptional purity of the RCM Silver Bar, at .9999 fine silver, goes beyond the industry standard. This high level of purity not only attests to the quality of the bar but also acts as a security feature, as it is a hallmark of authenticity and origin from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Distinct Serial Number on Each Bar

Each bar is assigned a unique serial number to enhance traceability and individual identification. This serial number is a crucial component of the security measures, providing a clear means of tracking and verifying the authenticity of each specific bar.

Individually Packaged and Sealed

Adding an extra layer of protection, each RCM Silver Bar is meticulously packaged and sealed in special RCM packaging. This ensures that the bar remains untampered and maintains its integrity from the Mint to the hands of the investor. The sealed packaging is a visual assurance of the bar’s authenticity.

RCM 10 OZ Silver Bar Design

Obverse Design

The obverse side features the “Royal Canadian Mint” logo inside a circle, taking center stage at the top. The Mint’s name is artfully presented in English and French, adding a touch of distinction. Inside this circle, the bar features another concentric circle showcasing a prominent maple leaf, a revered symbol of Canada. Below the logo, crucial inscriptions, including “10 OZ 9999 FINE SILVER ARGENT PUR,” run from top to bottom. Adjoining these inscriptions are two additional maple leaves, emphasizing the bar’s exceptional purity. The unique serial number, initiated with “9900,” is meticulously positioned beneath these markings.

Reverse Design

On the reverse side of the silver bar, the maple leaf takes on a horizontal repeating pattern. This creative display on the reverse complements the sophistication of the obverse design. 

Whether viewed from the obverse or reverse, the design of this silver bar reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail for which the Royal Canadian Mint is renowned.

What Makes the RCM 10 OZ Silver Bar Stand Out?

Distinguishing itself, the 10 OZ RCM Silver Bar is among the few 10 OZ silver bars produced by a national government. It is completely backed by Canada’s national Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, coupled with a unique level of purity (.9999), which positions the bar among the purest options available to private investors. These special attributes, combined with its exceptional design, underscore the distinctive appeal of this silver bar. 10 OZ silver bars offer more value to buyers than 1 OZ silver bars. 

Raise your investment with RCM 10 OZ Silver Bar at CanAm Bullion!